RDA-Riverina Regional Plan

RDA Riverina Regional Plan 2013-2016

The RDA-Riverina Regional Plan 2013 – 2016 outlines the key emerging priorities and issues, along with the goals to be achieved through this plan. View the Plan below.   RDA Riverina Regional Plan 2013-2016

The RDA Riverina Regional Plan is a road map for the future development of the Riverina region and describes the region, its attributes, industry and employment base and key advantages. Through discussions and consultations with various stakeholders across the region and the review of existing documents, a footprint for action has been developed.

The Regional Plan can assist Local Government, community groups, business/industry, regional bodies and agencies with valuable data that can be used to substantiate proposals, funding applications or even the delivery of services.

RDA-Riverina Regional Plan 2013-2016 

RDA-Riverina Regional Overview 2012-2013

RDA-Riverina Regional Overview 2011

Do you have any feedback regarding the RDA-Riverina Regional Plan? Email RDA-Riverina Chief Executive Officer, Lani Houston - lhoust@rdariverina.org.au